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Jim brings a unique, needed skill-set currently absent at the ACC. Jim’s 42 years’ experience in finance and securities including responsibility for regulatory compliance, investment portfolio management, and enterprise leadership, make him the only candidate with that expertise.


Jim has a long history of public service volunteering for leadership positions in the Republican party here in Arizona. He served for years on bi-law committees for AZGOP, MCRC and Legislative District 23 in Scottsdale. He served as an elector for the Electoral College in 2016.


Jim's wisdom, integrity, and experience make him the right man for this job. Jim’s diligence and tenacity will protect Arizona citizens who are utility consumers from bad ideas that would cause utility rates to skyrocket, resulting in much higher utility bills and even cause power shortages and outages. Jim will fight unsound regulations, crack down on financial crime, uphold the Arizona State Constitution and protect Arizona families and their finances.

Jim is happily married, the father of three adult sons, and grandfather to two granddaughters.

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