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Most people understand that the Arizona Corporation Commission is an important agency, but few people know why.


The Commission, sometimes called the fourth branch of government, is responsible for the following:

  • Controlling the utility rules and rates that affect Arizona ratepayers

  • Regulating investments and securities laws

  • Overseeing state business registrations

Therefore, ensuring that this body views its primary mission as protecting Arizonans is CRUCIAL! In this election, Democrats, mostly through their out-of-state allies, dumped huge money to seat three progressives in this year's open seats.


The goal was simple: An Arizona Green New Deal (with skyrocketing utility rates and rolling blackouts) and California-style economic regulations that would penalize successful businesses and force an exodus in the investment that supports our economy.


Together, we stopped them.


With your support, Lea Marquez Peterson and Jim O'Connor both won seats on the Commission, and as Clean Elections candidates to boot!




While out-of-state Democrat special interest groups spent millions of dollars to push their candidates over the finish line, our candidates each used only $130,000 to get their message out to the entire state.


To support Republicans in this critical race, the Republican Party of Arizona hosted them on statewide tele-town halls, organized critical GOTV ("Get Out The Vote") efforts, ran public advertising campaigns, printed and distributed Golden Tickets, signs, door hangers and more!


None of this would have been possible without Republicans across Arizona who were committed to supporting our candidates in these important races.


Because of you, outside interests got the message loud and clear: Arizona's offices are elected by Arizonans and no one else.

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